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D for Dosa Aavakaya

Posted by Ratnavalli on September 25, 2006

Aavakaya is generic name which means mustard ( main ingredient) with  unripe fruit . But for most Andhra people aavakaya is a pickle  made with Mangoes  which when prepared properly will last for years. Dosa aavakaya is made with yellow cucumber and will last only for few weeks. Also in India this vegetable is available almost all of the year.

Here is the recipe:

Dosakaya ( Yellow cucumber)   : 1  big in size ( depending on the size, use more than one )

Salt :               2 table spoons                                                                                

Red chilli powder: 2 table spoons

Mustard seed powder : 2 table spoons

(Slightly warm mustard seeds in a skillet ,cool and grind them to a fine powder)  

Turmeric : a pinch

Oil : 2 ladle full /until the pickle is covered  which ever is low .

Hing: 1 tsp

Red chilles(whole): 5

Mustard seeds: 1 tsp

Wash and dry cucumber.Remove the stem and cut in bite sized pieces( need not peel the skin).

Eat a price and make sure it is not bitter.Taste the seeds also.If the seeds are bitter  then discard the seeds .

If both are bitter, bad luck buy another cucumber .

Mix in salt,chili powder ,mustard powder and 1 ladle full of oil( or until all of the pickle is coated with oil).

Keep it covered  for  3 days.

On the third day ,  heat oil in a skillet ( how much is at your discretion but if pickles are not covered with oil floating on them , they tend to spoil quickly ,

I use less oil  for dosa aavakai but will usually keep it in refrigerator) ,when hot add  mustard seeds, and red chillies. When they splutter,

switch off the stove and add hing. Let it cool.

Pour it in the pickle and mix well.

Dosa aavakai is ready to eat. Enjoy with  hot rice.

For a better taste while eating  with rice, mix along few drops  of gingelly oil  .

Andhraites especially people from  East and west Godavari dists , do not eat ghee with pickles  ,instead they add few drops of oil with pickles,some chutney’s and some curries . Ghee is for  daals  and few curries.


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