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G for guttivankaya koora

Posted by Ratnavalli on October 10, 2006

1. Brinjals ( egg plants) black round    8 nos

2. Dhaniyaalu                            4 tblsp

3. senagapappu                           2 tblsp

4. Minappappu                            1 tblsp

5. Inguva                                a pinch 

6. Red chillies                          12 nos ( more /less depending upon your taste)

7 . Salt                                  as per taste

Oil                                     few tbl spoons for cooking

slightly roast red chillies in a tsp of oil and let them cool.

Dry roast 2,3,4 .Keep them aside to cool along with red chillies.

Once they are cool, grind them along with inguva ( hing) .add salt.

check to see the taste.It should be slightly salty and ofcourse spicy.

Now slit the brinjals length wise in to 4 . Do not break them.Let them be

intact at the stem and open at the other end.

fill in the grinded poweder in each and keep aside.

Heat some oil( 5 ot 6 tbl spoons)  in  a kadai ( or skillet) . slowly put in the stuffed brinjals

sprinkle little salt over the brinjals,put a drop or two oil on each brinjal .

Cover the kadai with a lid that has rim and can hold a glass of water*.

I usually cover it with another skillet ,makes it easy to takeout when there is water.

Cook on medium heat for 3 to 4 mins ( time really depends on the flame , size of kadai ,size of brinjals etc)

Take the lid carefully so as not to let water fall in the curry , turn brinjals gently and cover again.

Cook until brinjals change color and become soft.

*Lid with water helps to use less oil.


2 Responses to “G for guttivankaya koora”

  1. Indira said

    Hi Ratnavalli,

    Congratulations on your blog. Good series and I will definitely follow.

    I like this dry version and yet to blog about it. Tender and young brinjals are best suited for this recipe, isn’t it? Which are hard to find here.:)

    What’s for H? I can’t wait to find out.

  2. mrpbabji said


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