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E for Endu kobbari Podi

Posted by Ratnavalli on September 27, 2006

I was thinking of what recipe to write for E , and trust me I did not remember a single curry/pachadi/pulusu .All I can remember was pickles like endu aavakaya,endu maagaya and endu kobbari podi.That’s all.

I never made endu aavakaya/maagaya (yes I ate them a lot), so I don’t have a choice of recipes for E except Endu kobbari Podi.




Endukobabri ( Dry coconut) pieces: 1 cup

Dhaniyaalu (Coriander seeds)   :1/2 cup

Senagapappu (Split chick peas): 1/2 cup

Minappappu (Black gram) 1/2 cup

Endu mirchi (Red chillies dried): 12

Hing: 1 pinch

Salt as per taste

Karivepaaku (curry leaves):  3 strings

Oil 1 tsp




Dry roast Dhaniyalu,Senagapappu and Minappappu ,take them in a wide plate and let them cool.

Slightly roast Kobabri also, let it cool along with pappulu in the same plate.

Roast in a tsp oil curry leaves and Red chillies.Put them in the plate along with Dhaniyalu and pappulu.

After they cool, grind them to a fine powder along with salt and hing.


This tastes excellent with Rice, Idly and Dosa.



2 Responses to “E for Endu kobbari Podi”

  1. Sridhar said

    Hi Ratna gaaru,
    I tried your recipe with a slight variation….I added a touch of tamarind to your composition and it tasted great…. I can get only Srilankan grated coconut powder here in Korea which is very very sweet. A touch of tamarind will level the sweetness of coconut….I ate this podi with AMEOBA shaped butter dosas.:(

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    E for Endu kobbari Podi

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