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B for Bachali koora pulusu

Posted by Ratnavalli on September 21, 2006

In the place where I live I dont get fresh Bachali koora. When I go to NJ I get some.Otherwise I use frozen Bachali( forgot the english name for it will post it later).
Chopped bachali 2 cups ( 2 blocks if using frozen)

Tamarind : size of a lemon

For podi : Dry roast and poweder 3tsp Dhaniyalu,2 tsp cumin,pinch of hing,4 red chillies, 3 peppercorns

Green chillies : 2 or 3

Sugar : 1 tsp

Turmeric: 1 tsp

Rice/Corn flour : 2 tsp

For popu: 1tsp each of urad daal,cumin,mustard seeds ,few curry leaves and a pich of hing


Soak tamarind in some water and extract juice out of it.

Saute bachali leaves for few mins on medium flame.Add tamarind juice to the leaves , add salt,turmeric,sugar and the spice powder.

Let it boil until the leaves get cooked. At this point the pulusu will be all watery.

Adjust salt/tamarind per your taste.

mix 2 tsp of flour in 1/4 cup water .Make sure there are no lumps and add this to pulusu and mix thorughly.

Let it simmer for couple of mins until the raw smell of flour goes.

Heat 2 tsp of oil in a skillet and do popu with 1tsp each of urad daal,cumin,mustard seeds ,few curry leaves and a pich of hing.

Enjoy with muddapappu and hot rice.


One Response to “B for Bachali koora pulusu”

  1. fanbasella said

    english name for bachali is Basella

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