A tribute to my amma

and all mothers and mothers to be.

A for aavada AKA Dahivada,peruguvada

Posted by Ratnavalli on September 20, 2006


Urad daal 2 cups wash and soaked in water for 4 hrs

salt as per taste

curd/Yogurt 6cups

Popu/Seasoning: 1 tsp mustard,1tsp urad daal,a pinch of hing, few curry leaves

Oil for deep frying

Kothimeera/Cilantro for garnishing.


Drain water from urad daal and grind into a smooth paste adding some salt and NO water at all .If needed sprinkle few drops of water.

Heat 1tsp of oil in a skillet when hot add popu ingradients. when musratd splutters, transfer the contents into curd( dilute curd a little if it is store bought ),add salt and mix with a spoon.keep it aside.

Head oil for deep frying, when hot, take some batter in hand make it like a ball, press it slightly to make it a little flat and make a dent in the middle .. so now it should be like doughnut.Slowly drop in hot oil and fry till done.Do NOT over fry .

Take it out from oil and drop it in curd .

Complete making vada like this with rest of the batter and drop them all in curd.Turn(mix) them carefully in the curd if needed.They should be immersed completely in the curd.Garnish with cilantro.
Cover and let them soak for an hour or two.

These can be eaten hot or cold.


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